We’re Anna & Daniel

First of all welcome to our little part of the internet. We´re happy that you join our journey and hope that our adventures, stories, tips and our happy attitude will inspire you to be brave, take a risk and explore the world around you.

A Train Museum in the Black Forest

We met each other in China during an educational trip from our university and fell in love. It didn´t take us long to realize we had a lot in common and after four days of knowing each other we knew that we found our soulmate. That was when our lives changed completely and we started our journey together. And here we are now, trying to inspire other people by sharing our life.

Currently we´re studying together in the Black Forest, which is located in the south-west of Germany. Anna is on the way to her Bachelor in Public Health and Daniel is doing his Master in Informatics. Studying together is a wonderful experience. We spend a lot of time together, but we also enjoy spending time with our friends: talking, laughing, having fun, making plans and partying is always part of the day. Especially discovering the region around us is one of our favourite leisure activities.

Short: We try to get the best out of every moment!