Now that I’ve been asking myself for about 20 minutes how best to start such a post, I’ll just start right away. Because I’m going to assume that all of you have been exposed to coronavirus in some way. Some more, some less. No matter how you are affected, I think a little kindness can do us all some good. And you don’t only experience it by someone else doing something good for you, but also by doing something good for others. For this reason I would like to share eight random acts of kindness with you today, to do something good for other people, but also for yourself in this extraordinary time. So are you ready to share some love and kindness? Here we go with eight random acts of kindness during the coronavirus:

Pick a bouquet of flowers and put it someone special at his door

A bouquet of wild flowers – what a joy.

To be honest with you, I’m always torn between flowers. On the one hand, I’m totally sorry that flowers are picked and then wilt in a vase. But on the other hand I just love flowers so much! No matter what time of year, a bunch of flowers always fits everywhere. What I like best are wild flowers or bouquets that look like a wild flower meadow. That’s why I also like to pick the flowers that I find along the way when I go for a walk. So what is a more loving present than a bouquet? Whether you pick it yourself or buy one, I’m sure it will bring someone a lot of joy.

Write a postcard or a letter

If you know me a little better, you know that I love postcards and especially letters. I love to write them and I love to receive them. Postcards are a real ritual for me on holiday. No matter where I am, I just love to send a postcard from my holidays to loved ones. But also letters are just always wonderful. So why shouldn’t we just pick up a pen and paper and write a letter (or a postcard) to a special person? I think now is exactly the right time.

Mark a stone with encouraging words and put it in a public place

Stones with encouraging messages that hopefully will make someone happy.

The idea that we go for a walk, sit down on a bench and find a little loving message there is just wonderful. Therefore I would like to give this little joy to someone else. And unexpected joy is best, isn’t it? Therefore, simply inscribe a few stones and distribute them in places where, for example, many people go for a walk.

Leave a nice note on someone’s car

To be honest, this is the only point I haven’t tried yet. And I can’t even tell you what it is. Maybe it’s because I don’t know if the stressed out people who are driving would be happy about it. But I would be very happy about it, so why wouldn’t someone else be happy about it? So let’s give it a try! Please get in touch with me as soon as you have tried it. Because I am super excited.

Fill a glass with DIYs and hang it in a special place

A jar filled with homemade bracelets that walkers are welcome to take with them.

The first thing I can think of is homemade bracelets. I love to make bracelets myself, it’s a lot of fun! So I thought I just filled a jar with bracelets and put a note inside that everyone is welcome to take one out. Then I brought the glass to a public place. For example I put it to the bank where we always walk past when we go for a walk. Of course you can also fill the glass with completely different things, whatever you want and which will please others.

Send a book

After I asked for book recommendations on Instagram a few weeks ago (here is the post), a friend of mine sent me her favorite book. I didn’t expect it at all and was so happy about it! That’s why I sent a book to a friend of mine shortly after, who was at least as happy about it as I was. Of course you can just send one of your books, or you can ask your local bookstore if they do book shipments there. Don’t forget to make sure that the recipient knows who it is from.

Bake a cake or cook something

Who does not enjoy delicious food?

Who is not happy about a piece of freshly baked cake, fresh bread or lovely prepared meal? Since many of my friends are as greedy as I am, I know that they would be as happy about it as I am. There are so many delicious things to bake or cook. No matter if sweet or salty, I am sure you will find something suitable for everyone. If you don’t bake/ cook so often, this would be the perfect time to try something new. And just in case you can’t or don’t want to bake/ cook, buy something from a regional baker or restaurant and support them in these difficult times.

Go shopping for a person from the risk group

Wherever you live, I’m sure there is a person from the risk group living in your area. Whether it is the young woman with a chronic illness or nice grandpa from next door, offer your help. I know from my own experience that older people in particular do not take this help seriously or refuse it on principle. Explain nevertheless why you want to help and that you mean it only well. If your offer is still not accepted, at least you have tried and that is definitely a better feeling than doing nothing.

So those were our eight random acts of kindness while the coronavirus affects our lives. Depending on how long the situation lasts, there may be a second part, who knows. But first it’s your turn: have you tried any of the ideas yet? And what other random acts of kindness come to your mind? What do you enjoy doing right now? Tell us your thoughts and inspirations!
If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look at our post “The Ultimate Summer Bucket List”. Due to the current situation it is not possible to implement all points, but there are some ideas/ inspirations that will give you a lot of joy right now.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Bleibt gesund und passt gut auf euch auf!
Alles Liebe,

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