We hope that everyone is doing well in these chaotic times. As many of you have told us that you still want to see travel inspiration, we will share with you in this post a small selection of the most beautiful places we have been to in 2019. We have chosen special places and not just written down the whole country to give you a better insight. And of course the countries also have more to offer than just the individual places. But maybe they give you the inspiration to get to know a country better. This is only a small part of the most beautiful places we have visited. But we hope that they will be a little inspiration for you.
So here we go with some of the best places we’ve been to in 2019:

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

The view above Lake Lucerne.
The perfect place for soul therapy!

Lake Lucerne is an unbelievable beautiful lake in central Switzerland. We spend there a wonderful day last august and I can´t wait to be back. You can make wonderful hiking tours with incredible views above the lake. No matter in which direction you walk, the area is just awesome. And after your hike you can jump into the lake for a little refreshing – what else do you need on a lovely summer day? Definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Water, mountains, good food, kind people and lovely views – a perfect combination.  

Kelingking Beach, Indonesia 

Kelingking Beach one of the most beautiful places!
One of the most beautiful beaches!

I’m sure most of you know this place. Because it’s been known to be shaped like a T-Rex. But that is not the only reason why Kelingking Beach is one of the most beautiful places we have visited (although the T-Rex shape is really great). Unlike many others, we not only enjoyed the view but also walked down to the beach. The way down (and especially up again) is a little dangerous and exhausting, even if the view is awesome. But what can I say, it is worth it! I have never seen such a beautiful white beach before. When we reached the bottom we couldn’t help but take off our clothes and just jump into the water in my underwear. And that was just awesome! Just for this feeling alone I would run down there and up again every time (but the weather should be good, if not the way is too dangerous)! A recommendation for each of you and in my opinion rightly one of the most beautiful places! If you need any further inspirations what to do on this wonderful island, check out this post.

Piran, Slovenia

The view above Piran!
I love cities with a great old town or sea just so much!

Piran is a picturesque town in the southwestern Slovenia on the Adriatic Sea. The town has a lot of beautiful narrow streets, compact houses and lovely shops with handmade souvenirs (one of these shops is Nika´s Tiny House, I´ve bought beautiful earrings there and could have bought so many other things, cause all of them are beautiful). And since I am known to have a weakness for cities by the water and especially by the sea, this little town is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Oh, and they have such delicious ice cream there! And lots of little super cute cafes with a view of the sea!

Predil Pass, Italy 

The Predil Pass (italian: Passo di Predil) is a high mountain pass on the border between Italy and Slovenia. We drove along this pass on our way to Slovenia and it was just incredible! We stopped at a wonderful Lake (italian: Lago de Predil) and just enjoyed the wonderful nature around us. After the stop at the lake we drove the pass a bit further and the view that awaited us at the summit was just absolutely amazing! The Predil Pass is at the top of the list of destinations that I absolutely want to visit as fast as possible. Because I have rarely been so surprised as by this pass. I can warmly recommend it to each of you, it is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. 

Cala Millor, Spain

Clear water in the Cala Millor.
I think I have never seen such clear water as in this bay before!

Probably the only place I would recommend only at a certain time of year, namely in spring, especially in March or April. I have been there in August and it was a complete flop! Thousands of people lying towel to towel. It is the purest tourist stronghold. One souvenir shop follows the next and so on. Just as one imagines Mallorca. But in springtime, this place is completely different. Hardly any people, almost all shops are closed, only a few small cafes are open. I have never seen such a clear sea as there, just amazing! Just walk along the coast towards Cala Bona – it’s a dream (if you stand at the promenade and look at the sea, walk to the left). In any case an unbelievable beautiful place!

Soča, Slovenia

The Soca river in the Triglav Nationalpark.
Slovenia, the country that has surprised us most so far!

So far no area has surprised us as positively as this one. The Soca River is the most beautiful river we have ever seen. The color and the area it flows through is just amazing! I can only recommend this area to each of you! It’s a paradise in the middle of Europe. We´ve been in this area twice in 2019. Tolmin is the perfect starting point for excursions in one of the most beautiful areas of Europe. If you want to read more about this wonderful region, where to stay and how much money we´ve spent there, check out this post.

Black Forest, Germany

An amazing view above the Black Forest.
Home is where your heart is – and our heart is here!

As some of you may know, we both studied and lived in the Black Forest. And what can I say? The Black Forest is just a dream! There are so many wonderful places, like the Schluchsee or the Triberg Waterfalls. But we like the area around Furtwangen best, that’s where the picture was taken. No matter where you walk or drive to, you will find a unique place behind every corner. That is why the Black Forest is definitely one of the most beautiful places we have been to in 2019.

De Haan, Belgium

A way through the dunes to the sea.
One of the best combinations – dunes and the sea!

To be honest, it is similar here as with Cala Millor. I haven’t been there in summer, but I guess it is quite crowded in summer. But in April it was simply wonderful there! There were almost no people, but a  lot of cute dogs! Especially for someone like me, who loves the dunes, it is a real paradise there. You can walk there forever along the beach and just enjoy the view to the sea and the dunes. And after that you can walk back to the small town and enjoy some really tasty fries (I don’t want to say that the trip there is only worthwhile because of that, but the fries are really extremely good).

Lake Faak, Austria

Blue water and mountains in the background.
Mountains and water – Lake Faak is just incredible.

Lake Faak is a beautiful lake in Carinthia, Austria. The lake is a real dream! The water has an incredible colour and the temperature is wonderfully pleasant. When we stopped there on our way to Slovenia, we couldn’t resist jumping into the tempting water. So, we undressed and just jumped into the water in our underwear (oh wow, this is not the first time I have to write this, maybe I should just put my bikini under my clothes more often). 
If you only make a small stop there, park on the peninsula (enter “Halbinselstraße” in the navigation system and drive until the parking area at the Sports Center), from there you can walk through the forest to the lake. But also for a longer stay I can definitely recommend the Lake Faak, cause it´s one of the most beautiful places we´ve ever been to.

Pleša, Nanos Plateau, Slovenia

The view from the top of the  Pleša.
The view from the top of the Pleša.

Pleša is a 1262 m high mountain in Nanos (a low mountain range on the south-eastern edge of the Julian Alps) in south-western Slovenia. We started our hike in Razdrto and then took the long way (about two and a half hours) to the summit. The view from this mountain is simply amazing: in one direction you can see the Alps and in the other direction you can see the sea in the distance. Moreover, you have a wonderful view to the hinterland. The view all around is amazing! Definitely worth the effort!

Thank you 2019 for showing us these places

As already mentioned, this is only a small selection of the best places we have been to in 2019. We have experienced so much in 2019 and we´re so infinitely grateful for the adventures we were able to experience. Daniel and I fell in love with new places and rediscovered places we already knew. We have got to know new people and cultures and have outgrown ourselves. Thank you for being so wonderful to us 2019!

And now it´s up to you guys! Have you ever been to one of these places? And which was the most beautiful place you´ve been to in 2019? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We would love to read them ♥.

Bleibt gesund und passt gut auf euch auf!
Alles Liebe,

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