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DIY Adventskalender – Nachhaltige Ideen

In ein paar Tagen ist es wieder soweit und die Weihnachtszeit beginnt. Für alle die es noch nicht wissen: ich LIEBE Weihnachten. Ich freue mich jedes Jahr riesig darauf und kann es kaum erwarten. Egal, ob es die schönen Lichter überall, die schöne Deko zuhause, der Duft nach Glühwein oder die leckeren Plätzchen sind –…


Coronavirus: eight random acts of kindness

Now that I’ve been asking myself for about 20 minutes how best to start such a post, I’ll just start right away. Because I’m going to assume that all of you have been exposed to coronavirus in some way. Some more, some less. No matter how you are affected, I think a little kindness can…

Sunset Girl in the Grassland

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Summer: it´s getting warmer outside, you can feel the sunrays on your skin, the nights are warm, lakes and rivers have a great temperature for cooling downs, everywhere is ice cream available, people are in a really good mood and so on. It´s just a wonderful time. The perfect time for making long-lasting memories and…

Love your Monday - Schwabentraum

Why you should not hate Mondays

We say it, we hear it, we see it on Social Media all the time. It seems like everybody hates Mondays, right? And maybe it´s at least a little bit true. You would prefer to stay in bed, design your day the way you want to, feel free and avoid a whole week of new…

Things do on rainy day - Schwabentraum

Rainy Day: 25 Things to Do

There’s nothing better than a rainy day. Don’t get us wrong we totally love the summer and the sun but sometimes we need to slow down a little bit and a rainy day is the best condition for this. There are so many things you can do at home: catch up on sleep, make some…