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We say it, we hear it, we see it on Social Media all the time. It seems like everybody hates Mondays, right? And maybe it´s at least a little bit true. You would prefer to stay in bed, design your day the way you want to, feel free and avoid a whole week of new responsibilities and tasks. Believe me, I know what I´m talking about because it was the same for me for a long time. But something changed, and I would like you to make this change too. So here´s why you should stop hating 1/7th of your life.

Hating 1/7th of your life

Have you ever realized that you hate 1/7th of your life, if you hate Mondays? When I realized this fact, I was a little bit shocked about that. If I wouldn´t change something, I would spend 1/7th of my life being negative and ungrateful for no reason. That´s a horrible thought. Let´s be honest, life is too short for wasting so much time.
If you think it´s not that much time, here´s the counter evidence: if you would live around 85 years and you hate every Monday, you´ll waste around 12 years having negative thoughts and being ungrateful. Seriously? 12 years? That´s horrible. For some people it would be a pleasure to live at least 12 years or 12 years longer and you´ll spend these precious years being grumpy? If you continue reading and I´m sure you´ll find a way to change that.
So, the first step in the right direction is to realize that you´re doing something wrong by hating Mondays.

Why do you hate Mondays?

Start with asking yourself a simple question: Why do you hate Mondays?

  • Is it because you have to get up early?
  • Is it because Social Media and everybody else hate Mondays too?
  • Is it because you don´t love what you´re doing?

There could be a lot of different reasons.  But you have to find out for yourself which is your reason.
If your reason is a simply reason like Social Media and the people around you hate Mondays too, it´s very easy to work on it. Cause it´s an attitude problem. If the reason is that you don´t like what you´re doing (for example, you don´t like your job, cause your tasks are stupid, and the people you work with are even stupider), it´ll take some more effort to change something, but it´s still nothing impossible. And it´s definitely the effort worth.

Change something

After finding out your reason why you´re hating Mondays it´s time to change something. It’s time to create a positive mindset. So here we go.
I´m sure Mondays are starting in the same way for most of all people: It doesn´t matter when you went to bed on Sunday evening (of course you should have at least 7 hours of relaxing sleep), on Monday morning you´re always tired af. Even if it feels hard to leave this cozy and warm bed because it feels like you did not sleep more than 2 hours, it´s not a physically problem, it´s a mental problem.
I´ll explain you why: do you know these days when you´ve planned something super cool like a day with friends, a journey or something different you definitely love? No matter how much you slept you can´t wait to get up. Cause you´re super excited about this new day (for example, I was super excited about our trip to Bali and Nusa Penida and couldn´t sleep the night before we flew). Do you remember one of these days? That´s how you should feel every day (no matter if you´re on holiday or if you have to work).

Each day is a gift, don´t give it back unopened

You should be grateful for each day, cause that´s a wonderful gift and an amazing privilege. And that´s what we forget way too often. Don´t be shocked about my words. I know that it can be super hard to be positive each day, but you should try to internalize that. Even if it doesn´t work every day, it´ll change your whole attitude and also your mindset.
Of course, there will be some days when everything seems to be shit and there may be also some days when it feels like your life falls apart. But that´s life and that´s what makes us stronger, even if it´s hard and even if it hurts. After every rain, there will be sun. And that´s how life works.
You have to be strong enough to face the hard times. Cause after every hard time, the sun will be back shining in your life, even brighter than before. That´s what I´ll promise to you, you will make it. But therefore, you have to build up a positive mindset and you have to try to make the best out of every day. No matter if it´s Monday or Saturday. You should make the best of each day.

Each day is a gift. Open it. Celebrate it. Enjoy it. Don´t send it back unopened.

Don’t worry, it will take some time and you have to practice it a lot, but one day you´ll realize that it was worth the effort. And then you will be super thankful and proud that you didn’t give up.
If you realize after reading my words, that you can´t create a positive mindset cause your life hinders you, then you should read the next paragraph carefully.

Stop doing something you don’t love

Well I think that´s one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people hate Mondays. It´s because they have to go back to their working place (after two free days). The place which prevents them from being happy. To a place they don’t want to go because they don’t like their tasks and their jobs stresses them to much. To a place they don’t belong.
You can´t expect that you wake up on Monday morning feeling exciting about the week, when you don´t like what you´re doing. If you realize (or maybe you know it already) that you don´t like your job, then you should ask yourself why you´re working there? Is it because you get paid very good? Is it because you don’t want to leave your comfort zone? Is it because you have good chances for a great career? Is it because you don´t want to disappoint the people around you like your parents or your partner? Is it because you´re afraid of the unknown? Is it because you think you´re too old for starting at a different working place (believe me you´re not, my Dad stared a new job with 50 and he´s in love with it)?
There could be a million different reason, but you have to ask yourself just one simply question: Do you want to change something? If your answer is yes, what are you waiting for? Start to change something, not tomorrow, not in one week. Start now.
Of course, it could be the that there´s only a small reason why don´t like your job. For example, you don’t like your colleges in this department or you don´t like the tasks you´re currently working on. Then I´m sure that talking to your boss will help you to find a solution that makes you happy again.
But if you´re sure that you can´t get happy anymore in this place, why are you still working there? No matter what the answer is, I´m sure it doesn´t justify that you´re doing something you don´t like.

 Do something you love

This part could be very hard, cause you´ll need a lot of courage. You have to leave your comfort zone, be brave and take some risks. But it´s definitely worth it. If you already know which kind of work would make you happy, start to search for a job.
If you´re not sure which kind of work could make you happy, you should make a brainstorming and write down all the things you love to do (e.g. writing stories, drawing pictures, photography, organizing parties, sell cool stuff, cook, help other people in need, be surrounded by animals, clean up, …). It could be a big support if you ask the people around you (like your best friend, your parents, you partner) for their opinion and their support. I´m sure that you´ll find something that fills you with joy.
And then it´s up to you. Maybe you want to search for a job in a company, maybe you want to star you own business – just do it. Of course, it may be not easy, but life is too short for making a job you don´t like.
If you do something you love, I´m sure that you´ll have a completely different attitude towards Mondays. You can´t wait to be back at work to do what you love and to do fills you with joy.

How you should see Mondays

What are Mondays? They are the first day of a new week and maybe the most important day of all. Why? Cause they set the tone for the following days. The tone for all the wonderful things you can do in the following six days. If you stop hating 1/7th of your life and start seeing this time as an opportunity as a new start of each week, something positive will happen: your mindset will change and you´ll take a different look at your life.
If you start happy and motivated in your new week, cause it´s Monday, it´ll influence your whole week (and consequently your life) in a positive way. Sunshine will be back. Even if there´ll be some hard and rainy times, the positive mindset you built up while starting to love Mondays, will be give you enough strength to go through this time. And after all you´ll be stronger then ever before.

Influence the people around you with your positive mind

Let´s be honest, most of the people hate Mondays. And they tell everybody about that. They show it on Social Media and of course they share it with you:
“How was your weekend?” – Too short.
“How do you feel today?” – Well it´s Monday, you know that´s horrible enough.
Of course, it´s easy to hate something when the people around you do that too. It could be challenging to stay positive when everybody around you, tells you that Mondays are horrible. But it´s neither a reason nor does it help you (or them) in any way.
Don´t let them influence you, influence them. Ask them if they would like to waste 1/7th (around 12 years) of their life with being ungrateful and negative? I´m sure they won´t. So, it´s up to you to inspire them. Tell them how liking Mondays changed your mindset and also your life. Even if they tell you that you´re crazy, I´m sure that they´ll think about your words.

Always keep in mind, there´ll come a point in your life, when you´re going to wish you had more Mondays. But then it´s too late. So, it´s up to you, if you take the possibility and change something.

And now it´s up to you. Tell us what you´re thinking about Mondays? Did our article changed your thoughts? Or do you have anything to add, some questions or some more important stuff?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We would love to read them.

Bleibt gesund und passt gut auf euch auf!
Alles Liebe,

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