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There’s nothing better than a rainy day. Don’t get us wrong we totally love the summer and the sun but sometimes we need to slow down a little bit and a rainy day is the best condition for this. There are so many things you can do at home: catch up on sleep, make some wellness, just do nothing the whole day and so on.
But if you’re like us and you want do something during these cozy rainy days, here’s what you can do.

a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

1. Have a movie or TV series marathon
Popcorn, chocolate, wine, beer … What are you waiting for?

2. Learn a new language
No matter what’s your next destination, learn the basics of the language in this country. For example, “How are you? Where can we buy some ice cream? Thank you. Nice to meet you”.

3. Invite your friends over and cook a special dinner
Choose a country (maybe one you have already been to) and cook a typical local dish.

4. Go to a bookstore and buy a new book
Just by the first book which seems interesting to you (no matter if it’s normally not your genre). Then find a place where you want to read it. Maybe at your favorite Café or at home on the couch. And now read it.

5. Plan a trip
What’s your next destination? If you haven’t one by now, write down a list of your dream destinations, choose one and star your research. A good way to receive wonderful tips is to read blog posts or check out Instagram.

6. Create a new photo album from your last trip
We’re in love with photo albums, cause it’s a wonderful way to reminisce. Collect all your things you have repealed from your last trip like bills, flyers, maps and so on. Now you have to find the perfect album. Think about the number of pictures you want to put in it and about the size of them and buy an album that matches your ideas. Then choose the pictures which should be part of it. This is the most difficult task besides finding the perfect album. Find the best 100 – 200 pictures (or as much as you want) out of a million (at least it feels like that) print them out and start you journey.
P.S. don’t forget to show the album to your friends and family.

7.Play a board game
We love board games like “Monopoly”, “Scrabble” or “Activity”. What about you? There are so many cool games which you can play with your partner or with friends and family. And they make a lot fun. But be careful, there are some games which can start a war.

8. Dance in the rain
(This tip only works when it’s really a rainy day) The instructions for this tip are easy: Just go outside and dance. It doesn’t matter if it looks stupid or if you have the feeling that other peoples are starring at you, just dance what you feel. Afterwards a hot tea is perfect.

9. Splash like kids in puddles
(This tip only works when it rained already for some hours) I think here is nothing more to say: go out and enjoy your life.

10. Write down your own bucket list
Make a list of all your life goals (e.g. having your own herb garden, having a dog), all the things you want to try (e.g. riding along the beach on a horse back, swim with wild dolphins) and all the stuff you want to accomplish before you expire (e.g. write a book, make a movie). You can make one list for all these things or split the topics in different lists.

11. Create a date list
If you read this tip and you’re single, read on anyway. Collect all your ideas, no matter if these are your own ideas or you have seen them in a movie or read about them. Just write them down. For this list it doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not. One day you`ll need this list and then you´ll be grateful for all these wonderful ideas you have already collected at a rainy day. If you’re in a relationship, then you can think about one day per week or peer month which is your date day. And on this day, you´ll make something out of the list. I think we should do that too.

12. Clean out your apartment
Totally understand if that sounds not like a good tip for you but believe me it could be a good one. To be honest we have a lot of things we don’t need and maybe it’s the same for you. So why should we store something we haven’t touched in two years. Turn on your favorite playlist and start to reject things you don’t need anymore. And then donate it to people in need. For me it’s much easier to break away with something when I know that someone receive it who will love it.

13. Bake something crazy
Search in the internet for crazy recipes (collect them for later, for example for the next rainy day) and choose the craziest one. We’re sure that will be a lot of fun. You can share your results with your friends or family and invite them for a special tea time at a rainy day.

14. Create a memory box
Use an old carton or another box and decorate the outside in your design. For example, warp it in colored paper, paint on it or glue photos on the box. Now you can put all your memories like tickets, (old) love letters, bills, postcards and so on in it.

15. Draw a picture
Act like a kid again and just draw what comes to your mind. It doesn’t matter which colors you use just take the ones you have at home. If you like the result it’ll be a wonderful present for someone you love. If you don’t like it but in your new memory box (take a look at tip 14).

16. Write a poem
I’m sure that soundS a little bit strange to you, but sometimes we have to try new things. Maybe you discover a new talent of yourself and you’ll be a wonderful poet (than please send us a message, we would love to hear your poems). If that doesn’t happen and you’re not convinced by your talent it will be another component of the memory box (and of course we would love to read nevertheless, so share them with us, in the comments, via E-Mail or on Instagram). Don’t worry you’ll find another talent. For example, I’m really talented in eating a lot of things very fast.

17. Visit your family
We’re sure your grandparents, your siblings, your aunt or your cousin would love to see you again. Show your family that you care and that you love them.

18. Make chocolate fondue
Especially after Christmas and Easter we have a lot of chocolate and the best way to use it is to make a chocolate fondue. Invite some friends or do it on your own – it’ll be a fantastic rainy day.

19. Learn a dance
Yes you read it correct. Choose a dance on YouTube and practice it as longs it you would show it to someone. You can do it on your own or with your partner but it’s also a fantastic idea for you and your friends. We promise it’ll be a lot of fun.

20. Make a picnic in bed
Plan a picnic just like you would do it outside but instead of going out in the rain, make a picnic in bed. That’s so super cozy, especially when you can hear the rain outside.

21. Organize your photos
We know that this task could be annoying but nevertheless you should do that. Create new folders, delete the duplicated ones and so on. In the end it’s a super good feeling.

22. Write some postcards
First of all we love postcards. We love to write them, and we love to receive them. We’re sure there are some people in your life, you would like to tell that you’re happy having them in your life. Just tell it, by sending a postcard. You don’t have to fill it with thousands of words, just send some lovely words which show that you care.

23. Make self-made gifts
This tip is not only for Christmas it’s for the whole year. Don’t be surprised by the next birthday of your best friend or your parents. Rainy days are perfect for handmade gifts like a calendar with photos of you, a photo album, self-made marmalade or a self-made bracelet.

24. Create a (family) recipe book
Collect all the recipes you love: Mum’s recipe for the potato soup, grandma’s recipe for the cheesecake, your uncle´s recipe for the lemonade in summer and so on. Take a journal and write down all these recipes. Ask your family members and friends for more recipes of things you love to eat or drink. We’re sure that one day you’ll be so happy about the little book which contains all the recipes of your favorite dishes and drinks.

25. Go for a walk
Even if it rains, being outside is wonderful. Take your umbrella and your rubber boots (if it’s warm enough, go barefoot – it’s a wonderful feeling) and go outside. It doesn’t have to be a long walk just move a little bit and enjoy the fresh air. The best of the walk is coming home: take a hot shower, slip in your cozy clothes, make yourself a tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and then cuddle up on the sofa or in bed.

We hope, we could inspire you with our 25 things to do on a rainy day! If you want to add your favourite tips or if you have any other questions or thoughts, share them with us in the comments! We would love to read them.

Bleibt gesund und passt gut auf euch auf!
Alles Liebe,

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