Yes, you read it correctly, our travel budget for Slovenia contained less than 300€ (per person) for one week. It´s crazy isn´t it? If people talk about cheap traveling or traveling on a budget most of us are thinking about Asia and not about Slovenia or Europe in general. But you don’t have to travel around the whole world for a holiday that doesn´t bust your budget. There are some things you should keep in mind when you travel to Europe and you´ll be surprised how less money you´ll spend. So here we go:

1.) Travel together with other people

We traveled to Slovenia together with 2-3 friends (the first three nights we were five people and the following three nights we were four people). Of course, if you prefer solo traveling or traveling together with your partner this tip won´t work for you. But if you like to travel together with your friends or family this tip is perfect for you. The big advantage of this tip is that you can share all your costs. No matter if it´s the accommodation, the fuel or the purchase – the more people you are the cheaper it will be.

2.) Stay in holiday apartments like Air BnB

Staying in a holiday appartment like Air BnB is most of the time the cheapest options especially when you´re traveling in Europe with several people. Cause the more people you are the cheaper it´ll get for you. We had two amazing accommodations in Slovenia. A whole house in the Triglav Nationalpark and a wonderful apartment with sea view. We paid less then 18€ per person and night in each of these wonderful places. And of course, there are many more cheaper options.  

3.) Drive with the car

Driving with the car has more than one advantage. The first one is that by sharing a car and avoiding to fly you´re having a good impact on the environment. The second one is that you´re really flexible on the way and at your destination. For us it´s always a pleasure if we travel by car cause we love this road trip feeling. The third one is that you save a lot of money when you share the fuel costs with other people. For example, this time we had fuel costs for less than 30€ per person. If we had flown, it would have cost us at least 90€ per person (and then we’d just be in the capital).

4.) Cook yourself instead of going out to eat

No matter in which European country you are normally it´s always cheaper to cook yourself instead of going out to eat. Especially when you´re several people it´s super cheap to go into a supermarket and cook together. And the best about is that it makes a lot of fun when you cook together with friends (and you get super delicious inspirations). All in one we paid less then 40€ per person for all the food we bought in this week. Additional we went out for dinner once and paid around 15€ per person (included super tasty ice cream). Included some ice cream, a typical cake at Lake Bled).

5.) Take your own food with you on your day trips

This point has several advantages. On the one hand, you do something good for the environment by taking your own containers with you and preventing unnecessary packaging waste. Therefore, always take a reusable bottle with you. On the other hand, you save money, because depending on where your trip goes it can be very expensive to buy something to eat or drink.

6.) Avoid unnecessary expenses  

Under this point the most different things can fall and presumably it is something different for everyone. Unnecessary expenses can be souvenirs which get dusty in a box at home or fees you have to pay. For example the fees you have to pay when you withdraw money abroad. Here it always makes sense to find out about these costs and possible alternatives before travelling. Other unnecessary expenses can arise if you travel by car and do not know the traffic rules in the countries you travel or cross. For example, if you drive on the motorway in Austria without a vignette, it can cost you more than 120€ (Daniel stupidly knows that from his own experience.). Here are some general information about traffic in Europe. However, you should always inform yourself before a trip in detail about the rules in force in this country.

Our Travel Budget for Slovenia per person

  • Accommodations: 120€
  • Petrol and Toll: 25€
  • Parking and Entrances: 10€
  • Local touristic fee: 10€
  • Stand Up Paddling: 20€
  • Supermarket: 45€
  • Restaurants (Lunch, Dinner, Ice Cream, Cake,): 30€
  • Souvenirs: 5€
  • Spa Entrance: 30€

So all together our travel budget for Slovenia was 295€ per person. We did not pay attention to the money and we did not live extremely thrifty. We bought what we wanted to eat, we made things we enjoyed and we went out to eat (once for lunch and once for dinner). I am convinced that if you pay attention to how much money you spend and if you want to have a cheap holiday without being extremely restricted, you can also have a wonderful week in Slovenia for 200-250€.

And now it´s up to you guys! Do you have anything to add, some questions or some more important stuff? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We would love to read them ♥.

Bleibt gesund und passt gut auf euch auf!
Alles Liebe,

Our average travel budget for Slovenia was about 40€ per day, if you want to know what our daily budget in Bali was like, check out this blog post.

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