Welcome to the second blog post of our new category called “travel destinations of the month”. This is a collection of the best travel destinations of the month February. And the special thing about this collection is that it´s not made by us alone, but together with you. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful destinations with us on our Instagram account Schwabentraum. You guys are an amazing inspiration!

If you haven´t participated so far, here is an explanation how this category works: We will make a post on Instagram at the beginning of each month, telling you our favorite destination of the month and asking you to write and explain your destination of the month in the comments below. Of course, you can also send us a message with your favorite travel destination of the month. Please tell us a little bit about your travel destination of the month and what enchanted you there. If possible, it would be great if you can reach the destination (starting the journey from the place where you´re living) by car, so we can share inspirations where to go when you want to avoid flying. If your comment explains in a lovely way your travel destination of the month, we´ll put it in our blog post and link to your Instagram account or to your blog. We hope that you like this idea as much as we do and become a part of it. 

But enough talking, are you ready for the best destinations in February? We´ve a wonderful collection with travel destinations all around the globe. Warm places, cold places, beaches, mountains, cities – I´m sure everyone of you will find the perfect destination. Have fun!

Our travel destination of the month February: Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is definitely on of our favorite cities! There you can find everything your heart desires: good food, small sweet alleys, friendly people, great viewpoints, crazy bars, unique shops, many artists, the sea and so much more. I could talk for hours about this wonderful city, because I am simply thrilled. This city is not only a great destination in summer when it is hot, but all year round. For example in February it is partly already so warm that one can enjoy the sun in a T-shirt. 

Who would not love a city when you can catch such sunsets there?

So far we have always flown to Lisbon, but we will change that on our next visit. Either we go there by car, as we have been planning a road trip along the coast of Portugal for quite some time (this is quite high on our bucket list), or we take the train. If you have already done one of both (or both), write us a comment and tell us about it, we would really appreciate it.

Since we don’t want to tell you only about our favourite travel destination of the month February, we will stop raving at this point and tell you just a few things you can do in Lisbon in February. Of course, we’ll also make a detailed blog post about Lisbon (or maybe two). So here we go with some great things to do in Lisbon:

  • eat Pastel de Nata
  • watch the sunset at a viewpoint
  • visit Cristo Rei
  • eat in a local restaurant
  • spend some time at the sea
  • get some inspiration in the LX factory

As you can see there are a lot of wonderful things to do in this city. Don´t worry, these are by far not all the things you can experience there, this is just a small selection and there are many more. So stay tuned for our blog post about the best things to do in Lisbon which will be online soon!

Our community´s travel destinations of the month February

Your_special_trip: Bavarian Forest

“For this month I can recommend the Bavarian Forest. Sweet little ski areas, great in value, dog sledding and Paralympics. Perfect hideaway wellness hotels and great National Park. More than you ever have expected.”

Naderu_: Budapest

“My favourite destination in February is Budapest, because I was there last year in February and you can also get there by car.”

Isabellevdvlist: Dublin, Ireland

“My February destination was Ireland as I visited Dublin last weeks. There´s a pretty friendly vibe. A lot of music artists on the street and of course the pubs.”

Twotravelhearts: Heidelberg Castle

Thank you Thali and Flori for this wonderful view! Heidelberg is so beautiful!

“Our recommendation for February is the Heidelberg Castle. It is a ruin in the German city Heidelberg. The castle ruins are among the most important renaissance structures north of the alps. There aren´t as many people in the winter months as there in summer. We loved it. From the castle you can look over the old downtown. Such a lovely view. And the city near the castle is great too. There are many cute coffee shops.”

Funkyterrone: Nice

Nice is really nice in February. I think it is really a pleasant city. Temperatures are super mild, it is almost like spring! And there are much less people and you practically have the best of Nice.

Abenteuermomente: Colombia

“If you want some latinoamerican vibes, get to know an interesting culture, meet some friendly people, relax on the beach, drink some delicious coffee and swing the hips to Salsa, then Colombia is the perfect place to visit in February.”  

Mr_mrs_world: Lisbon and Hamburg

“My favourite travel destination of February is also Lisbon because we´re already back from a family trip there. Nice weather and so lovely and helpful people.
A cool city trip which isn´t so far away from us (Zurich) and you can reach this city by car is Hamburg. You have beautiful nature parks like “Planten und Blomen” with one of the best concerts (Wasserlicht Konzert, from May to October) and you find so much history at the Speicherstadt and you can eat one of the best Fischbrötchen at the Harbour.”

Ani._223: Surava in Switzerland

This picture shows the symbol of the region Albula. Thank you for sharing it with us Ani!

“My favourite destination of the month February is Surava in Switzerland. I´ve been there last weekend, it´s only a 3-hour drive from the South of Germany. I really love this place. In winter it looks like a winterwonderland. It´s all covered with snow, you can see huge mountains, go hiking or skiing or just relax in hot springs and have a great view. There is also a 3km ice skating line which goes through the forest and next to a river. My highlight was taking the train to St. Moritz and back over the Albulapass with a lot of tunnels and huge viaducts which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. This train reminded me of the red train in Harry Potter – you can open the windows to have a better view at the amazing landscapes.”

Reisestrolch: Lake Garda

“Of course, we like Mexico best of all and that every month. But if we now have to commit ourselves to February, then it would clearly be Lake Garda in Italy. The journey from our home takes about 4 hours and can be reached by car. The temperatures in February are in the double digits during the day and in the sun, it can sometimes feel a little bit summery. Apart from the beautiful lake with crystal clear water, the scenery also offers mountains and palm trees. The typical Italian villages invite you to walk and stroll. We discovered Lake Garda in 2018 for us and since then it has also had a great importance for us. Just great to dive into a completely different world in a short time to recharge your batteries or do whatever you want to do. Last year on Tanja’s birthday (also in February) we circumnavigated Lake Garda. We can definitely recommend it.”

Norouzi.azam: Chabahar, Iran

“My favourite destination is Chabahar, Iran because there is so much good seafood, amazing beach and nice weather.”

Hoopla_adventures: Sonthofen

Happy Jen in the snow! What a super cute shot!

“Well we´re in Sonthofen, Germany just now. It´s the cutest small Alpine town with access to ski slopes, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, swimming pools with a sauna and some lovely restaurants. It´s only 55 minutes by car to Neuschwanstein Castle and it´s got heaps of natural beauty to explore and see.”

Daleontravel: Venice

“Our February destination is Venice! It´s like 2-hours by train from our home. This month in particular it´s celebrated the worldwide Carnival! Something that is a must see at least once in a life.”

Sametasln: Morocco

“The best February destination for me is probably Morocco. This country is full of colours and seems so exotic. Moreover it´s not super-hot in winter therefore it´s easier to explore than simmer. At least they say that, we´re gonna see.”

Cari_wanders: Florida

“My February-travel-destination is definitely Florida. While people are freezing here in Germany the “Sunshine State” of the US lives up to this name with 20-25 degrees Celsius. The white sand beaches are beautiful and a perfect place to either relax or watch Florida´s wild-and/ or sea life: dolphins, sea turtles, herons, manatees, … So even though the flight from Germany is rather long, it´s a dream destination for February.”  

Jennsomewhere: Melbourne

I think this picture of the beautiful Jenn doesn´t need any further words!

„My favourite nearby destination is Melbourne, Australia because there is so much good food everywhere, amazing coffee and always ALWAYS something going on.”


That´s it! Thank you so much for all your wonderful recommendations! If you want to get some inspirations for the best travel destinations of the month January, check out this blog post.  And we´ve already uploaded a post where you can share your travel destination of the month March with us. So check out Schwabentraum, leave a comment below the post or send us a message and become part of the next “travel destination of the month” blog post! We would love to read about your favourite travel destination of the month March. 

And now it´s up to you guys! Do you have anything to add, some questions or some more important stuff? Or some more recommendations for February? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We would love to read them ♥.

Bleibt gesund und passt gut auf euch auf!
Alles Liebe,

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